Dementia Care


We know how difficult it can be to obtain the right level of assistance and support for our loved ones who need special care, whether it’s in the early, mid or later stages of dementia. Our policy includes the care of everyone regardless of age or ability. It starts with careful planning at the assessment of needs stage to ensure we identify and address the specific needs and, wherever possible, the preferences of people with dementia and their carers.

We appreciate the need for meaningful activity and connection for service users. Whether your loved one has difficulty concentrating, processing information, remembering simple items or tasks, mood swings or whether they are unable to care for themselves our experienced carers have both the compassion and skills to deliver the quality care needed at this time.

Our aim is to achieve a coordinated delivery of health and social care services for a care plan that takes into account the changing needs of the service user and their carers. This means that if, in our assessment, a different and more effective service would be better for your loved ones we will discuss it with everyone concerned.

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